Creating and Disabling Users in webPOS

Installation Video:

Installation Instruction:

Creating Users

1. Go to
2. Log in using the user name and password provided in your welcome e-mail

3. Input your username and password provided in your welcome e-mail. Enter in your new password and click Submit

4. Click Admin Users under Virtual Stores

4. Click Add New User to this Virtual Store
Note: 1 or more sale users must be created in order to sell products.

5. Fill out the following form with the user’s information.

6. Check Force user to reset password.

7. Enter First and Last Name

8. Set Web Session to Timeout at 20 minutes.

8. Check all the roles you would like your user to have
Note: for main administration rights, please check all boxes under Roles for this user EXCEPT for “Clerk-Report-Show-Only-Transaction-Reports” (3rd box from the bottom).8

9. Select Save WebPOS User

Disabling Users

1. Click into the Admin User of the user you would like to disable|

2.  Click User Disabled

Remember to bookmark the secured WebPOS link:

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