PDF-download-icon Deposit Form (ER1001)    Use this form to make deposits for Security Deposit or NSF Payment
PDF-download-icon Wallet Deposit Form (ER1002)     Use this form to  make deposits into your Wallet Account
PDF-download-icon Info Change Request Form (ER1006)     Use this form to  update information on your Account
PDF-download-icon POS Equipment Request Form   Use this form to choose your Terminal options
PDF-download-icon Point of Sale Agreement (ER1004)   Use this form to  sign up for the Terminal Rental Program
DocuSign-Ink  Bill Pay Application (All states except CA) Fill out the online application to get Bill Pay at your store
DocuSign-Ink  Bill Pay Application (Only CA residents) Fill out the online application to get Bill Pay at your store
DocuSign-Ink  Gift Card Program Application  Fill out the online application to sell gifts cards at your store

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