Introducing webPOS

webPOS by ePay, is the web-based point-of-sale platform to process transactions and generate reports.  It takes 3 easy steps to start selling now.

Step 1: Installing your Digital Certificate
You must install a digital certificate on each computer you will be using.
A digital certificate is a “passport” that allows your computer to process transactions safely over the internet.
>>Click here to learn how to Install your Digital Certificate

Step 2: Creating and Disabling Users in webPOS
Create an admin account to administer your webPOS.  From there you can create additional users with limited privileges for all your store clerks.
>>Click here to learn how to Create and Disable Users in webPOS

Step 3: Schedule Training
Call in to Customer Support to schedule your training.  During training we will secure your account to make sure all your products are enabled.
>>Click here to learn how to Process Transactions

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