Today’s consumers LOVE convenience and it’s no secret that the easier retailers make their transactions, the more customers come through their doors. Eureka delivers easy payment solutions to retailers for prepaid telecommunications and stored value services. This broad scope of products administers an unprecedented array of conveniences for customers, which will compel them to come through your doors over your competitors’.

Wireless Service

More than 50 million cell phone customers utilize prepaid services and with the majority of them preferring to pay for their services in person, a reliable retailer they can depend on for fast and easy transactions is a must. Eureka’s partnership with Boost Mobile, Simple Mobile, Virgin Mobile, PagePlus and almost the entire list of wireless providers allows you to be the retailer they need and the retailer they’ll be loyal to.

International Mobile Recharge

International Mobile Recharge (IMR) affords customers the ability to recharge cell phones used by your loved ones all over the world and it’s never been so easy! All the customer needs is their loved ones’ cell phone number, cell phone carrier and the country they’re in. Voila!

IMR is the service that makes this possible. Choose from a variety of popular carriers such as Tigo, Telcel, Digicel, and Movistar with Eureka’s payment systems to exceed your customers’ expectations.

Long Distance

Phone cards are great and have even proven to be a necessity for many users but let’s face it: no one likes the hassle of dialing access codes and 15 digit PINs to be able to use them. Recognizing this inconvenience, Eureka has made it easier for your customers to contact their loved ones abroad by offering “pinless” long distance products that are not only convenient, but inexpensive as well. No more 800 numbers to dial, no more access codes, no more PINs, no more hassle. Simply save the access number to your contacts, dial, and connect. They will enjoy the same great service and often better rates per minute. Calls to Guatemala are as low as 7.7 cents per minute and calls to Honduras are as low as 12.5 cents per minute.

Stored Value

Stored Value is an exceptional way to give a gift everyone will enjoy. It comes in the form of either cards or PINs and gives the recipient immediate online shopping options without having a credit card. With an extensive selection of brands and retailers to choose from such as Applebee’s, Xbox Live, Visa, and more, your customers can’t go wrong.

Bill Payment

Paying bills are an important part of life and while it’s necessary, it’s rarely fun. When you have the Eureka payment system behind you, you are able to offer your customers a convenient way to pay their bills in person with cash. Your customers will likely thank you for this service by returning every month to pay their bills in person.