Signing up with Eureka’s Payment Portal

Instructions: To get started, you will need to have

– A Debit Card (preferred if issued by a Major Bank)
– Each Wallet account set-up requires a different email address.
– Account number of your ePay or Emida account (see below for how to find it or call us at 877.374.0009)

To create an account:

1.  Go to and find the Register Now link, or click here.
2.  Select IBO or MID Number and enter in your number in the IBO/MID Number field.
3.  Enter your email address associated with your IBO or MID account.
4.  Create a password.
5.  Click on Create Account and wait for Registration Successful confirmation popup.
6.  Sign in with your email address and password.

To create an payment:

1.  Click on Add New Card.
2.  Select Debit Card Brand type and enter in your Debit Card information.
3.  Click on Add Card.
4.  Enter Billing Address.
5.  Enter Total amount you want to fund Wallet account.
6.  Click Submit Payment and wait for Payment Successful confirmation popup.
7.  An Email confirmation will be sent to your registered email.

128 thoughts on “Signing up with Eureka’s Payment Portal

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